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Dryer Repairs in Sydney

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Home Appliance Repairs Company is a leading appliance repair firm in Sydney working for well over 25 years. Our factory-trained and hard working technicians are always prepared with an extensive inventory of parts for every house call, making Dryer repairs in Sydney quick and easy. Our company has earned a reputation for detail, sincerity, integrity, and consistency. Moreover, we always focus on quality service and dependability at the most affordable price for appliance repair service in and around Sydney. So if you are having any issue with your dryer you can contact us and we will try to solve it on the same day itself.

The things that we offer:

  • Flexible and convenient appointments
  • Same day repair service
  • Free service call with appliance repair
  • Certified technicians
  • Competitive prices
  • Commercial and residential appliances repaired
  • Quality workmanship
  • Guarantee on parts and labor

Our experienced team is always ready for dryer repairs in Sydney

A dryer is one of the most used appliances in the house as it helps to dry out the clothes, which is why we know how important it is to get it repaired. We understand that time is of the essence, especially when it comes to a broken dryer. Our licensed, bonded, and insured team will leave your home or business in pristine condition and you won’t need to clean up after us. There’s no point in us doing work just so that your appliance breaks down soon after we leave. That’s why we have such a strong commitment to using the best authorized and branded parts. Using low-cost replacement parts leads to degraded appliance performance and could even lead to voiding a warranty. However, using the correct part lengthens the machine’s life and ensures that it performs to optimal levels. From the last 25 years, we have doing dryer repairs in Sydney and there has been no complaint after that.

Common problems that we fix during dryer repairs in Sydney are given below:

  • Your drier has refused to run: When your dryer won’t run, ensure that it is plugged in properly and that the circuit breaker has not been tripped. This problem may also be caused by a damaged terminal block or a faulty start switch.
  • There is no heat coming from the dryer: If your dryer drums are rotating but no heat is being produced, you will need to call a dryer appliance repair pro to check what the problem might be with your dryer.
  • The drum is not spinning: if the drum stops spinning, it means that your clothes won’t dry. This problem may arise due to a bad roller, broken belt, idler puller or a faulty motor.
  • Your drier gets overheated: When a dryer starts to overheat than then the best thing to do is to call our technician for dryer repair in Sydney pro who will respond with speed to resolve this situation. Overheating dryers are often caused by clogged vents, bad thermostats or faulty heating coils.

Please Call for a Dryer Repair

Home Appliance Repairs has been operating for the past 25 years and hence our technicians are skilled enough to do dryer repairs in Sydney without much fuss. We repair all makes & models of dryers and offer 12 months manufactures warranty on all the genuine parts we provide.


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