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Oven Repairs Sydney | Oven and Microwave Repairs & Fixing Service In Sydney

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Home Appliance Repairs has been operating successfully for 25 years, serving customers with specialised oven repairs. Home Appliance Repairs’ experienced and qualified technicians provide fast, efficient and professional appliance repairs to all their customers.

Repairing an oven is more cost-effective than replacement. Why buy a brand new appliance when repairing one that could cost you as much as installing a new one? If you are looking for an appliance repair, look no further. Call us now for a service call price 0421228733.

Looking for an Expert Appliance Repairer?

Home Appliance Repairs is highly recommended when it comes to appliance repairs. Just take a look at our many 5-star reviews. Since the beginning, we have built a loyal client base of return customers who have decided to repair to save money.

You should give us a call before you think you should dispose of your oven and ask us whether your appliance is worth fixing. Home Appliance Repairs will provide you with a free and honest opinion over the phone and save you the inconvenience of hiring a repairer that is only interested in receiving payment for a service call instead of providing excellent customer service. Why not call us? It’s free, right?

Home Appliance Repairs is skilled in handling repairs for almost every type of oven, especially fan-forced ovens. Whether it be an upright electric stove incorporating a gas cooktop, or an under bench electric oven, we’re able to service it quickly. We do not fix gas ovens, but we do repair gas cooktops. If you call us, we will refer you to an experienced gas oven technician.

By calling us, you will save your time and money and also possibly save your marriage. So contact us now if you would like Home Appliance Repairs to visit your location. We don’t take weeks to arrive at your front door. We are an efficient repair company that values their customers, and we work hard to get your cooking appliance working again quickly.

Why choose Home Appliance Repairs over other oven repairers in Sydney?

We provide a cost-effective, fast and efficient repair for all of our customers. Home Appliance Repairs can make your oven repair easier and trouble-free. If you need a service call for your gas cooktop, electric fan forced oven or upright stove – a freestanding appliance incorporating an electric oven with a gas cooktop – please give us a call.

Home Appliance Repairs specialises in fixing most leading makes and models. You will not receive any surprises when you experience a repair with us as we are transparent with our costing and will notify you of the price of the parts once we have diagnosed the problem with your cooking appliance. We will tell you the total estimated price before we will proceed with the repairs. Sometimes repairing may not be cost-effective if the issue is significant, so we will give you an honest opinion if this is the case.

A Reliable and Proficient Service: There are no 100% guarantees in this industry, and if we were to say otherwise, we would be lying, as no one can know the outcome of a repair until an honest diagnosis has been performed. We can guarantee that we will put a smile on your face by providing you with honest and fair pricing and a friendly and fast as possible service.

If your oven displays any of the following symptoms or anything else, please do not hesitate to call us as these issues are common and can be rectified with a service call.

  • Oven does not heat
  • Oven fan works, but there’s no heat
  • Oven fan rattles
  • Oven gets too hot
  • Oven burns food
  • Oven trips power
  • Oven has no power
  • Oven won’t turn on
  • Oven takes a long time to heat
  • Oven heats, but the fan does not work
  • Oven elements don’t work
  • Oven door won’t close properly
  • Oven seal is damaged

So why not call Home Appliance Repairs and book a service on 0421228733 OR fill out our 24/7 online booking form, and we will be sure to call you when we are open!

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