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Washing Machine Repairs in Sydney | Washer Machines Repair Near Me In Sydney

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If you are looking for a recommended repairer, look no further. Our 5-star reviews speak for themselves. Home Appliance Repairs is a trusted name. We service in and around the Hills District. Call one of our friendly technicians now for a booking on 0421228733.

Potential Washing Machine issues

If you notice that your washing machine is not functioning correctly, call us without any hesitation as we can rectify your issue, whether minor or major.

Contact us if:

  • Your clothes come out wet
  • There is still water in the machine
  • The washing machine is not spinning properly
  • Clothes are not properly washed
  • Your washing machine is noisy
  • Other common washing machine problems symptoms
  • No water enters the washing machine
  • Washing machine leaks
  • Washing machine does not drain
  • Washing machine does not turn on
  • You can smell burning
  • Washing machine drains inconsistently or not completely

Whatever it may be, we provide a fast, efficient and cost-effective service for all washing machine repairs.

Home Appliance Repairs has over 25 years of experience in washing machine repairs, and we strive to provide quality customer satisfaction.

Why call Home Appliance Repairs

Great service support

Home Appliance Repairs’ objective is to support our valued customers with the best possible service. Our team consistently perform outstanding repairs to both top loading and front loading washing machines.

We can troubleshoot and provide you with tips and tricks to maintain the life span of your washing machine. For instance, leaving the washing machine lid or door open once finished prevents the build-up of mould and odours.

Only qualified and experienced technicians

Home Appliance Repairs has trained experts who know what they are doing, completing an average of 30 calls a week, has developed a fast and efficient repairing work ethic. We work with precision, speed and finesse. We also specialise in traditional Aussie banter, and the old man is guaranteed to burn your ears off with his dad jokes.

Always friendly and helpful

We treat all our customers with respect and kindness and go above and beyond when it comes to our customers, and don’t mind giving over the phone advice. While time and money are important, our business philosophy is to make our customers feel special. We want satisfied customers who do not feel like they have been cheated.

So why not call Home Appliance Repairs and book a service on 0421228733 OR fill out our 24/7 online booking form, and we will be sure to call you when we are open!

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