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Home Appliance Repairs

The Basics

⦁ Turn taps off after using appliances
Turning your taps off will prolong the life of your inlet valves. It will also prevent flooding as inlet valves and hoses have been known to fail.
⦁ Turn power off after use of appliance.
Turning the power off to your appliance will prevent your appliance from being suceptible to any power surges or lightning storms.
⦁ Leave the lid/door open after using your appliance
Leaving the lid/door open on your appliance will prevent your machine from rusting as you will allow the access water to evaporate!

Top 10 Things that Ruin Your Washing

⦁ Not enough water in your appliance.
Not having enough water in your appliance with more clothes then water will destroy your machine.
⦁ To much clothes in your appliance.
Having to many clothes in your appliance will overload your machine and cause damage.
⦁ To much soap in your appliance
Having to much soap in your appliance can cause your machine to overflow. This can result in water level malfunctions, soapy clothes and often times ends with the need of a techinican.
⦁ Not evenly distributing your clothes
Depending whether you have a top loader or a front loader. Not distributing your clothes evenly can cause your machine to go out of balance.
⦁ Using softners in your appliance
Using softners in your appliance can result in a build up of crud around the outer ball of your machine. Softner also irritates the skin and can result in eczema for those prone to skin disorders.
⦁ Mixing whites with darks
Mixing your whites with your coloureds or your dark clothing will ruin your clothing. This is because darker clothes can leak colour onto lighter clothes.
⦁ Leaving stuff in your pockets
Leaving stuff in your pockets can damage your appliance and in some cases destroy your appliance
⦁ Wet clothes
Leaving wet clothes in your washing machine will make the clothes develop a pungent smell. In severe cases clothes can develop mold when left wet for to long.
⦁ Leaving your machine unbalanced
If your machine is not balanced it will jump all over the floor, bang against the walls or make an annoying knocking sound. In order for your clothes to spin and wash well your appliance must be balanced well.
⦁ Wash your bras and socks in a wash bag
On many occasions bra wires and socks have been found in blocked drain pumps
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This Will Save Your Dishwasher

Appliance Repair

⦁ Clean your filters and spray arms
⦁ Rinse your plates – There should be NO food on your plate before your wash it!
⦁ Never wash plastic in the dishwasher
⦁ Never wash wine glasses in the dishwasher – they break and get into the pump, motor or both!
⦁ IMPORTANT Only use one teaspoon of washing powder DO NOT use TABLETS – tablets cause all sorts of issues in a dishwasher. Overflow problems, flood errors, damaged seals etc

Choosing A New Washing Machine!

Easy! Buy the best!
There only one washing machine I will recommend. It’s the same machine that’s in my laundry room. Speed Queen Domestic Commercial Washing Machines!
I’m still servicing Speed Queens that are 30 years old!

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